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Manage your routines

Create, schedule and share

Create complex routines and schedules
Manage your personal library of routines and items
Easy scheduling, one click to add or remove routines from your calendar
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Daily task list, calendar & reminders

Create your routines, Routineshub automatically computes your calendar

Your daily todo list shows up on your dashboard.

Check your calendar for a complete view of the next days tasks

Setup daily reminders

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Explore popular routines

Trying to fix a health issue? looking for a new workout?

Browse popular routines shared by other users

Add public routines to your calendar

Give back to the community and share your best routines

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Spice things up with random routines

Can't decide what workout todo ?

Create your collection of workouts, and let Routineshub choose a workout at random

Need more? Routineshub can create workouts and runs with random sets, repetitions and intensities based on templates you provide

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Create complex schedules

Strength workout every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 1PM and 6PM.

Take a walk every hour between 8AM and 6PM, except on weekends.

Check bills every 3rd Monday of the month.

Fasting once per quarter, every day for 5 days.

A random workout everyday at 1PM and 6PM, but don't do 2 HIIT workouts on the same day.

Take a supplement for 3 days, then 2 days off. Repeat.

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Tracking & statistics

Log everything: calorie intake, sleep time, etc...

Use predefined metrics or create custom metrics

Create forms for easy input

Setup reminders


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